About us


The Saudi Lawyers Association is a professional body aimed at raising lawyers' practice. The Authority was established by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (317) dated 8/7 / 1436H corresponding to 27/4/2015 approving the organization of the Saudi Lawyers Association, which is the basis of the Commission's work. The Authority aims to raise the level of practicing lawyers for their profession and ensure their good performance, and to increase their awareness of their professional duties.

Vision, Mission and Values

  • To promote the legal professional practice sector in the Kingdom to be a pioneering sector that contributes to the service of justice in society.
  • Advancing legal professional performance, and being a strategic choice for justice in society.

the message

  • Building a professional society capable of providing professional legal services to the public; to achieve justice, build and develop the homeland.

Institutional values

  • Integrity: We work with all stakeholders honestly and honestly, and apply the highest ethical standards in our relationships with our customers.
  • Professionalism: We strive to provide outstanding professional service in accordance with leading practices; to achieve justice.
  • Care: We communicate in the language of giving and pay attention to our members and communities that we interact with and work with professionally.
  • Value added to the community: We contribute in providing our services value added to our customers and improve our communities.